Old Mill Lifestyle House

Our Philosophy


Lifestyle training

Do we have time to keep quiet for just ten minutes a day? Can we enjoy the sound of silence? Do we not turn on the TV or the radio as soon as we arrive home or get up in the morning? Do we enjoy ourselves on our own, and can we spend time observing a pleasant thought, a beautiful landscape, or a scent? Do we know our true selves? Can we accept our body patterns and personalities, and can we love ourselves? It's the only way we can change our outer or inner selves. Unconditional love is also essential to rearing a child. Are we able to manage our conflicts and stress experiences, or do we turn them into psychosomatic ailments? Can we unwind and enjoy the beauty and magic of the moment? We can learn all these in the course of the lifestyle training at the Old Mill Lifestyle House in Dunaalmas.


A consumer good as old as our culture, alcohol serves as a nutritional supplement and a ritual accessory. The habit of consuming a modest amount (WHO recommendation: maximum 10 grams/day) of quality wine, meticulously produced brandy, or fine beer, without mixing them, once in a while is harmless to our health. We endeavor to respect your decision regarding alcohol consumption. Nonetheless, we do not sell alcohol during training. An opportunity to consume wine is afforded at the wine night, where you will have a chance to familiarize yourself with the finest, internationally sought-after wines of the region.

We suggest everyone decides on what the healthy amount is for them. During the training, you can discuss the effects of alcohol consumption with our specialist. You may also get answers to the questions 'who is addicted' and 'who is an uncontrollable drinker'. Although moderate alcohol consumption may help you maintain the balance of your body and soul, excessive alcohol consumption may lead to serious health problems.


Today it is unquestionable that smoking is harmful to health. A host of lung and laryngeal cancer cases indicates that. The training focuses on developing a healthy lifestyle and a health conscious behavior. For that reason, smoking is prohibited inside the building including the rooms and the restrooms. Smoking is permitted in the garden only, for the comfort of your companions with regard to smoke and the scent of tobacco. Those who are determined may ask for assistance in breaking their smoking habit during the training.

Mobile phone

Mobile phones may be used in the rooms only; we request that you refrain from using them in public spaces and restrooms. This is exactly what we wish to get away from for a while: being exposed to the will of our and others' phones because they can ring anytime. The ringing and vibrating "above all" mobile phone disturbs our meditation, relaxation, or other immersion in self-knowledge.