Old Mill Lifestyle House

Our Faith

Our Faith

The Old Mill Lifestyle House

When we bought the dilapidated mill ruin in 1995, it was already apparent that we would develop this little corner of the Danube into a magical place. We had the dream; the love emerged. Thereafter, it became really easy to work on. Everybody knows that fault-finding, bureaucratic difficulties, money shortage, Danube floods and even the many arising emergencies don't count at such times

The Dunaalmas lido and its surroundings, the island, and the mill with the babbling brook were decisive experiences of my childhood. I never entered the mill at that time; I only admired its walls and windows overlooking the Danube from outside.

Dunaalmas’ sulphuric water already healed those visiting here in the Middle Ages. The sulphuric source near the mill may have already provided relief for the quarrymen of the Roman age. In 1606, the Hungarians declared peace with the Turkish and the Austrians in this area.

This is a magical place! And we have to work on making this magic a blessing for many people in the 21st century as well. We have found the shape and the content: This is where we will set an example of how we can change our lives, and, at the same time, make our personalities more acceptable and more loveable for ourselves and our environment.

The Old Mill Lifestyle House wishes to maintain the miracles of the earlier centuries here in Dunaalmas, at the shore of the Danube, to let people visiting here gain strength to fulfill their lifestyles.

dr. Ferenc Albert Vidovszky owner