Old Mill Lifestyle House

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Selective garbage collection

The garbage generated in the Lifestyle House is collected in selective containers, so that glass and plastic can be recycled. We also safely dispose of any potential hazardous waste generated in the kitchen.


With the unique biological filter system, blueBase® granules, we can obtain water optics that are equal to the water quality of conventional swimming pools without the use of chemicals. The water circulates through the plant-covered, biologically-active filter zone, and stable, aerobic bacterium cultures ensure water purification. In the low-nutriment water, algae development is minimal, so the bathing water remains crystal clear. We can achieve optimum water quality for bathing without using chemicals.
The results are: we can enjoy the pleasant scent of the water, clearly recognize our own toes when walking in the water, and go under the water with open eyes.